Too old?

Hardscrabble Run
Hardscrabble Run

In 2015 I turned sixty.

It’s not as bad as I thought.

Oh, I’m a little more wrinkly and baggie,

and I got more skin that I ought,

but I’m still who I am on the inside.

My health and my mind are still good.

I still run down the road with my hound dogs,

and drink more beer than I should.

Running with the hounds
Running with the hounds

I live in a mid-mountain valley,

and sit on my deck to write books.

The horses graze all around me.

Life is as good as it looks.

Horses @ the Gate
Horses @ the Gate

Never Too Late!

2014 - Summer shot by #1 Grandson
2014 – Summer shot by #1 Grandson

I am

changing this blog from a study to


a conversation

on being healthier and happier.

Do you think that one is necessary for the other?

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