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I have a Dream …

Do you have a dream that continues to elude you?

With turning sixty this year, I wonder …. might this be the year that I finally bring myself to realize a dream I’ve had since my 20’s?

Oh, to be a ‘plant based eater’, aka: vegan.

The culture around about me does much to complicate my dream.  Folks around me indulge themselves in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. I know). I not only struggle with making others comfortable in their social setting, my bigger struggle is self-indulgence!

My very nature fights me in this – as I love the fatty, salty flavors that come with animal products! Let’s face it – veggies versus (is there a ‘v’ word for the pleasure centers in my brain?) … vanity ….

I struggle physically and emotionally.  Food has so many memories attached to it. I like to eat memory foods and have favorite comfort foods! There are many needs on many levels here.

How do I fight it? Like the true addict – one day at a time. I try to not have the culprit cuisine in my house. (If I must have it, I try to arrange a 25 mile drive to town to get it.) I reward myself with non-culinary rewards. I have found supports on the web. (God bless technology!)

Why change, when the S.A.D. meets so many of my (emotional) needs?  (Ever see the documentary of Forks over Knives?)

Aside from the above mentioned documentary, I personally feel much better when I fuel my body instead of indulge it. My appetite is like a big, spoiled kid … sigh … a continual challenge. I am not saying Veganism is for everyone – I’m just saying I feel so much better when I eat that way.


What is the dream that eludes you? Can you break it down into attainable goals – giving yourself leeway for life interruptions? What are some supports you can build in for yourself?

Remember, Dear Hearts, our goal is progress … not perfection!


Too old?

Hardscrabble Run
Hardscrabble Run

In 2015 I turned sixty.

It’s not as bad as I thought.

Oh, I’m a little more wrinkly and baggie,

and I got more skin that I ought,

but I’m still who I am on the inside.

My health and my mind are still good.

I still run down the road with my hound dogs,

and drink more beer than I should.

Running with the hounds
Running with the hounds

I live in a mid-mountain valley,

and sit on my deck to write books.

The horses graze all around me.

Life is as good as it looks.

Horses @ the Gate
Horses @ the Gate