Only Two Miles?

My Human Running Mate
My Human Running Mate

On July 11 I ran the run that got me to back to running again, with the friend who got me started running – many eons ago!  I took first place in my age group and felt mighty good about it!  It was fun, rewarding, and I got my treasured smo (shiny metal object).

I was bragging to my brother about my victory. His interest in my run fed my ego, encouraging me to embellish the tale of my ‘mighty feat’.

“How far was it?’ He smiled with enthusiasm, eager to be amazed at his totally athletic sister!

Suddenly embarrassed, I had to admit, “Two miles.”  Nothing like facts to take the fun out of the story, eh? He laughed and wrinkled his nose at me. My ego hiccuped.

Then I remembered; it’s okay if it’s not 26.2 miles.  It doesn’t matter what others think. Okay, initially, it might – but, truth is, I run for me.  

I run to battle the depression inactivity brings on. I run to get rid of my negative energy.  I run to get think time, listen to favorite podcasts and be inspired. I run to compete with and connect with my BFF.  I run to embrace nature on mountain trails. I enjoy doing 5 & 10 K’s to compete with my peers, and some day I hope to do a marathon (or at least a half).  The smo(s I get are just frosting on the cake.

There are many good reasons I run, irregardless of far it may be. I run because it’s a fun way for me to be healthy.

What do you do to be healthy? How do you like to move … or how would you like to? Who do (or who would) you like to do it with? Do you need to get rid of negative energy or re-connect with nature?

Remember, you don’t have to do anything perfectly or according to someone else’s expectations. You know best what you need.

Sometimes thinking through questions like these are a great place to start. We all start someplace.

Progress, not perfection!


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